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The People it's all about them

Which slab is the best? It's a question we hear every day and one which we never answer - but only because they are all the best. Every day we get to come make pizza with a brilliant team of people for great people. We get excited to meet people who come for birthday parties, first dates, study breaks, work lunches, late night hangs, eightieth dates, big matches, post-movie munchies, dominos games, family nights, vacation plans, and just becauses.

We meet all different types of people who enjoy / swear by / are addicted to different slab flavors. There are so many perfect options, not one of them is the “best.” We know through thousands of slabs of experience that our customers will always get an amazing slice of pizza.

One thing we hear every day is some variation of “WOW” “HOLY COW” that gushes out from our customers when we place a slab of pizza in front of them. We get to hear joy all day long. Exclamations that feed us, no matter which flavor it is.

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The Food only the best

Our menu has a huge variety of flavors, sauces, and fresh ingredients, but at Slab Pizza we believe in simplicity. Oxymoron? No. We may make hundreds of different sauce and topping configurations every day, but every sauce and topping is the highest quality. Every pizza is 20 inches wide and cooked in a hearth oven, not a wood or brick oven, because the hearth creates a clean, tasty, crispy, chewy crust. We simply strive for delicious pizza every time, every day.

How much do we care about ingredients? Let’s talk green chile… New Mexico green chiles are one of the greatest foods on earth. Even though they come in cans or frozen, we demand optimum flavor that only exists after fresh chile has been fire roasted and peeled by hand. Every August we order direct from the farm in Hatch, NM, and roast the green chile on the little patio outside our shop with our own flame throwing roaster. The Slab team swells by a couple dozen while we peel and dice a year’s supply of chile by hand because that is the tastiest possible green chile.