We Just Poured the ‘Slab’ at SLABpizza Lehi

For many of us there is a never-ending struggle to decide which slab to order. Some find their favorite and stick with it. Some start at the top of the menu and work their way down. Some just add green chile or fire dust to everything. The beautiful thing for us is that tomorrow is a new day and we get to make the choice again.Slab of Concrete

Our new Thanksgiving Point shop only gets to choose a slab once and yesterday it chose a lovely concrete slab and finished it in one pour.
The underground plumbing is all in and framing will begin this coming week.  The concrete slab is permanent though and we will all get to enjoy it for years because after a quick grind, smoothing, and sealing, it will also serve as the finished floor for the entire shop.  We love the feel of simple, straight concrete and love the ability to see this slab everywhere in the shop every day.

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