Groundbreak Day

Groundbreak Day“This is one time where television really fails to capture the true excitement of a large piece of heavy equipment moving dirt in inclement weather.”  – Phil Connors

So we are blogging about it instead. It’s true – SLABpizza numero two is now underway as the first piece of dirt was turned today which set in motion the entire process that will culminate in hot slabs of buffalo wing, thai chicken, and all the others, being served in all their tasty glory at 3430 North Ashton Blvd Suite 130, Lehi, Utah.

SLABpizza Breaking Ground

Over the next 100 days we plan on providing regular updates on the building progress so that everyone can know where we are in the process. Building things is fun, interesting, and quite fulfilling. We invite you along for the ride with us as we go from building inception to ultimate SLAB consumption.

We would be grateful to you for sharing this with your friends so that they can be aware of the process also.

Andy and Eric


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