Courtney Jane Kendrick. The CJane.


Courtney loves Provo. She is the kind of person that would love wherever she is living, but Provo is lucky enough to be the place where she was raised, married, and has lived for most of her life. Courtney is one of those rare people who does not only just enjoy a town and take advantage of its amenities, but also is one that works actively and extensively to make a better community.  Courtney supports the arts in Provo with her time, heart, and finances. Her signature accomplishment is having been one of the driving forces behind the Rooftop Concert Series, which has grown to be so popular that there are now no rooftops left in Provo that can host such a large event – an event that now occupies entire city blocks. Courtney recently started working in the mayor’s office and continues to build the community and improve the beautiful city of Provo (she has many cool things in the works).

CJane first became “famous” through her beautiful and poignant writing on her blog at which has chronicled her struggles with infertility and then celebrated the joy of motherhood (among much, much more). However, Courtney is far from your average mommy blogger. Her writing has real depth and her style is open, vulnerable, and unafraid. Woven throughout her writing is this enduring love of Provo and the simplicity of loving the place and the moment where you are and who you are with. Her love for this is displayed through appreciating and enjoying the history and foundations of place, but also adventuring and discovering the new.

Courtney has been part of the Slab family since day one. We actually asked her not to write about Slab on her blog until we had been open awhile because we knew what would happen as soon as she did (and it happened). We have had a close relationship with her throughout our short history and are profoundly grateful for her genuine kindness and generosity towards us. Early on, Courtney had an idea for a signature pizza, she said it should have pears on it. We thought she was crazy. Four years later we started buying pears for the CJane Rocket Pear salad. The salad was so good that we started putting it on pizza as well, so Courtney deservedly ended up with two signature items on the menu.

We feel lucky to have started our business in such a remarkably open and inviting city. We enjoy being a part of this community and are grateful to beautiful people like Courtney who make Provo amazing.

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