2015 SLABpizza Green Chile Roast

Annual Slabpizza green chile roasting happens every August (harvest time in New Mexico) where we will process (meaning roast, peel, dice and freeze) almost 3,000 pounds of green chile deliciousness.

If you are interested in some temporary work which will consist in peeling and dicing green chiles during the last two weeks of August you can work as many or as few hours as you like and we will pay minimum wage plus one slab and drink on the house per 5 hour shift worked.

If you are interested please provide the following information and send it and any other questions you may have to supremeleader@slabpizza.com. Should be getting started sometime after the 12th of August and go for a couple of weeks.

Please send your:
First and last name
Phone number
Approximate availability (hours you can work)