A Little About what we are About

Just the other day we were delivered a 3 foot by 4 foot canvas that we have hung proudly on our “intentionally devoid of content” walls of our Provo dining room. This image is cherished and used frequently. It reflects perfectly what we think about what we do. Its about people and the power that food and eating together have in bringing people together.

Canlas Slab Photo

A little background of the photo. When we opened our tiny little place back in early 2010 we asked a good friend and phenomenal photographer Jonathan Canlas (jonathancanlasphotography.com) if he would come in and shoot some pictures of our new place. Being the remarkable guy that he is, he agreed and came for lunch with his awesome wife Callie and their young family. We made them pizza and Jonathan took some great shots of the food and the ambient surroundings.

The same day, unplanned, another friend  pulled up to the shop with 4 to 5 others heralding in with the unique “pop-pop” sound of their bad boy Harley Davidsons. The beautiful bikes adorned our front entrance with their cool black leathered seats, chromed hardware, and high horse powered engines.  Some of the gang from B.A.C.A. (Bikers Against Child Abuse, bacaworld.org/faqs) were showing up for lunch too. JP “Chief” Lilly is the founder of the international bikers organization (one of the largest on the planet) and he was there for a slab of Chile Verde and lunch with fellows from his gang.

Jonathan captured the essence of what we are all about in one frame, his kids and friend’s kids along with tough looking teddy bear biker guys all under the same roof, all enjoying themselves and the food.

There is a common thread among people in all cultures. The magical experience that happens when people share food together. We feel fortunate to be able to create an environment that fosters that opportunity. We love food and we love people.  Our menu of over 50 different varieties of flavors of pizza reflects our nature of a deep appreciation for diversity of flavor, culture, style, ethnicity, and points of view. The world is rich with diversity and that is an essential element of its undeniable beauty.

Yes, it’s just pizza, we know, but we all know what we think about good food and sharing it with good friends.

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